Client Reviews: What People Say about Working with Sally


“You took someone who felt so completely broken and fragmented and defective and disconnected and not of this world and you brought me back to my I AM presence (wholeness and connected).”

–Kathleen M, Bank Executive

“Your work gave me a wonderful ongoing transformation of my being into a creative, grounded, searching soul. It helped take the anxiety out of my breast cancer diagnosis and allowed me to focus on healing and having fun.  I really like that Sally knows exactly what I need without me trying to hammer out my feelings/thoughts verbally.”

–Michie W, retired fire department

When I first started working with Sally I was interested in working on my resentments and anger. After a number of sessions, my heart opened up. A great weight had been lifted and a new sense of freedom had filled my spirit. The love within my soul seemed to grow. For the first time in my life I was truly happy and for no apparent reason. In addition to these new sensations of joy I was able to sit down and with a clear mind and start working my fourth step in recovery; a task that I had procrastinated on for 2 years. I find now that my focus is that of a more spiritual nature and that I can now cleanse myself of all the burdens held in my heart in order to move on.”

–James Collins

Calm and Confidence

Whenever I have a JoyFlow session, I come out feeling more calm, relaxed and grounded.  I can feel a shift in my energy – things that were previously hard are easier and I have more confidence in what I know.

–Shari B, Health Care Administrator


“When Sally’s touches me, I feel like my cells are being rearranged. In my first session with her, we worked on my visceral fear of sailing…I was able to feel the experience in a different way, including routing my energy differently. Later I was able to recall that experience while on my husband’s sailboat, and I no longer have the sensation of being swept away by the wind.”

–Kathy N, Nutritionist


“A heartfelt thank you for such a wondrous experience! Truly adventuresome and miraculous. I loved it and many wonderful things have been happening since then – especially forgiveness to do with the legacy of my father. Thank you for helping me open that door.“

–Judy S, Business Coach


“I lost my Mother and two best friends within three months of each other. I always thought of myself as a very strong person, yet this loss knocked me down to my knees and I didn’t know how to get back up. After only three sessions I was back to finding joy and remembering that laughter is great medicine for one’s soul. Sally’s healing work made my losses feel like it had been 10 years and not just months.  I could deal with their loss so much easier.”

–Jan Kucker, Psychic medium

“Coming to terms with a loved one’s suicide: “I can’t believe how much your session helped me. Amazing. I honestly can feel the difference… I especially am going to keep your words that you said to me.””

–Pam F, teacher


“Thank you for the lovely session you gave me after my car accident. You have a very skillful, intuitive healing touch and I know that my speedy recovery would not have been possible without you.“

 —Cathy H, Psychologist


“I’ve been sleeping SO well. I had a couple of nights right after my session with you when I slept better, but still not great, then a night when I slept like a rock and I’ve been sleeping like a rock ever since!”

–Gina E, Photographer

Teaching and Speaking

“Your talk, ‘The Heart of Marketing’ quickly gave me the experience of the contrast between being guarded or closed while talking with others and the huge impact this has on the reception/rejection of the offer or idea. It reminded me that since what I want to do is connect with others, I need to make sure that the door is open.”

–Elizabeth Ward, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner

Sally is so present and effective that in the 20-minute talk, I had an amazing and transformational experience.  Sally really connects with every person in the room.  Her style is engaging and relaxing.  You feel like she is speaking directly to you even though there is a whole room full of people!”

–Diana Concoff Morgan, M.A.,Whole Heart Marketing, Online and Offline Marketing Coach and Consultant

“Recently at a networking meeting of Connections: Women in Business, Sally talked about the Heart of Marketing. In a few powerful experiential exercises, I experienced the difference in how I felt when my heart is open and how I felt when it’s closed or contracted. While working in pairs, when partner spoke from an open hearted place, her message was very attractive. The opposite was true when she spoke from a closed or contracted place.

You are a great presenter. The story was engaging, the exercises clear and very insightful…excellent reminders for how to “be” in marketing. My Heart…Open for Business.”

Sarah Dole, Shamanic practitioner

“You are a very gifted teacher, you work beautifully with energy, you are right there with it, use it, are in it, and hold it for others.”

–Teresa R, Grandmother