Why Joy? Because Joy is Your Birthright!

Joy is an innate state of calm, compassion, vitality, belonging and purpose.


Learn the fastest and most effective processes to remove the blocks that keep you from being your most joyful self.

Imagine life when joy becomes your foundation. Would you like to…

● Enjoy more self-trust and confidence?
● Improve connection to your loved ones?
● Experience less anxiety and overwhelm?
● Develop more resilience during the rough patches?
● Discover deeper meaning in your work?
● Enjoy more passion in play?

Experience JOY as a choice, not just as chance!

Your inner state of joy creates within you more willingness to allow success, love, money and fruition of your dreams. They are not the cause of joy.

Sally’s signature JoyFlow Programs quickly cut through the obstacles held in your being that keep joy at bay. Release the blocks and… Become a Joy Magnet


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Are you in Joy Flow?

Take this free quiz to assess your joy set-point

JoyFlow Quiz

Brain Joy

Your brain CAN be rewired for more joy.

Did you know your brain has a joy set point?

Learn about Brain Joy

Body Joy

Your body is always present and tells the truth.

Do you understand your body’s messages?

Learn about Body Joy

Heart Joy

Your heart teaches you to accept and forgive.

Do you have self compassion?

Learn about Heart Joy

Soul Joy

Your soul communicates with you constantly.

Are you able to hear your soul’s message?

Learn about Soul Joy

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Client Reviews

“After working a short time with Sally, my heart opened up, a great weight had been lifted and a new sense of freedom had filled my spirit… For the first time in my life I was truly happy and for no apparent reason.”
James Collins, Santa Rosa
“I’ve recommended Sally’s work to many of my clients. I feel two to three sessions with her is equivalent to doing three years of traditional therapy, and the best part is that you don’t have to relive the trauma!”
Jan Kucker, Psychic Medium
“With your help, I have redefined my values and priorities, and am moving forward in a new reality.Thank you for being there for me over the last three and a half years. Knowing I had that care and support was instrumental.”
Jerilea Jones, ESL Teacher

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