Make a list. Passion for the simple things is Joy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ponder what I’m passionate about while sitting in front of a delicious smelling plate of curried chicken, rice and vegetables (gluten free) at East West restaurant. My companion had just asked me, “What are you passionate about?”

OK, first date. Do I say the truth? Jump up and down and shout LIFE? That was my impulse. I may have seen a second date if I had allowed that bit of authenticity. I was truthful when I said my work and tango dancing. It would have been more truthful to say, “got an hour?”

Truly, though, I am passionate about LIFE: red oak leaves, dark (very dark chocolate), bicycle riding along vineyards, organic sustainable food, quirky humor, The Moth Radio hour, redwood trees in the rain, clean environment, wild blue Irises, tango dancing until my feet hurt… an hour?

Where we experience passion is where we say yes to our life.

One yes + passion = Joy.

Where’s your passion these day?

Make a list of 10 things that you are passionate about. For an added challenge choose things other than work and family so you can take note of what is also important to you. Notice what it’s like to write the list? Is it easy? Are you stuck at only 6 things?

Comment on this blog post below and share your list and the experience of creating the list.

Naming passion for the simple things is Joy. Noticing, expressing and sharing your passions is one of the easiest ways to keep your joy alive.